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Each day, UCP gives kids and adults with developmental disabilities the tools and support they need to live a life without limits.

Each day, UCP makes a difference in the lives of the people we work with. It’s pretty rewarding work. In fact, we think it’s amazing.

Help us spread the word about the great work we do! Change your Facebook cover photo for a day, a week, or a month to show your support of UCP. By simply changing your cover photo, you could change a life!

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12 Simple Steps on How to Change your Facebook Cover Photo

Using Your Web Browser (Mac or PC):

  1. Click on the image you wish to download from the UCP Website.
    (A large version will open)
  2. Right click the mouse over the large image.
  3. Select ‘Save Image As…’
  4. Save the Downloaded UCP Cover Image to Your Desktop (or save it in a file you can easily locate).
  5. Login to your Facebook Account.
  6. When your page shows up, hover over the existing cover photo (large photo at top).
  7. A small pencil icon will appear “Change Cover” on right side of existing image.
  8. Click on “change cover” image. When drop down menu appears, select Upload Photo.
  9. A file upload box will open. Locate image you downloaded in step 4 above.  Click on image to select, then click Open button at bottom of file upload box.
  10. The image you selected should appear in your cover photo box.
  11. To finalize, click Save Changes.
  12. Post a comment on your timeline that explains why you’ve changed your cover photo.

Thanks for doing something Amazing!


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