CLASP Independent Living


Community Living and Support Program

UCP Community Living and Support Program (CLASP) provides individualized instruction and assistance to developmentally disabled adults within their own homes. Teaching skills such as nutrition, household management and self-advocacy helps CLASP participants reduce their dependence on others while renewing their spirit of independence. 

How UCP Community Living and Support Program (CLASP) Works

UCP CLASP focuses on renewing the independent spirit of people with developmental disabilities like autism, epilepsy, intellectual disability, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy. Each month, CLASP’s independent living program provides individualized instruction and skills training to 32 low-income adults in their home and community. Instructors work closely with each client to tailor activities specific to each client’s personal goals.

 Areas of instruction include:

  • Personal/social development
  • Financial management
  • Health and navigating the health care system
  • Safety
  • Household management
  • Self-advocacy
  • Meal planning skills
  • Nutrition
  • Cooking skills
  • Public transportation to grocery stores
  • Shopping

Obtaining CLASP Services

CLASP services are available to individuals with developmental disabilities and can be obtained by following the steps below.

  1. Receive a doctor’s diagnosis of a developmental disability
  2. Go to California Alta Regional Center to ask for a referral to UCP’s CLASP program
  3. Once referred, services are funded by California Alta Regional Center


Success at CLASP

Before Jerry found CLASP, he felt hopeless and angry. Though he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age, he experienced fewer symptoms than most people with his condition. Then he met Robert, a CLASP instructor, who helped him eventually walk again. A few months later, Jerry decided to move to Oregon to live with childhood friends. Now that he had control over his legs, he wanted control over the rest of his life, too. Together, the two determined a pharmacy, physician and a location where Jerry can still participate in warm water therapy. Jerry moved to Oregon at the beginning of September after months of hard work.


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