Victoria loves UCP’s Adult Day Programs so much that she is now usually the first to volunteer to give tours when a potential participant comes to visit the program, which she knows as school.

“She loves to share her experience,” said Loie, the program’s manager.

Victoria has cerebral palsy and intellectual disability. When she first came to the program several years ago, she was experiencing depression because she did not know how to advocate for herself. Thanks to UCP’s Adult Day Program’s focus on activities of daily living, independent living skills, verbal and nonverbal communication, community integration and more, Victoria is learning to speak up for herself and has even become a peer advocate.

“I like coming to school every morning and being with people,” Victoria said. “We just have a fun time; I enjoy it.”

At her Adult Day Program – housed in the Aero Haven Adult School – she enjoys math, reading and now working in the student store where she counts the money and inventory.

“Victoria is much more proactive now,” Loie said. “She comfortably expresses her concerns and choices without apology and knows they are valid.”

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