May 5, 2014


I’m guessing that the more people fly, the less attention they pay to the safety instructions that are dutifully demonstrated before every takeoff. To our own detriment, no doubt.

AlanFTake, for example, the advice to apply our own oxygen mask before attempting to help other people.  Such an action sounds selfish, until we stop to think that we can be of no assistance to anybody if we are gasping for breath ourselves.

I’ve encountered the same scenario many times. I trip and fall more frequently than I take an airplane.  And when I do, I always try to help others nearby – by assuring them that I’m uninjured and in need of no help – before I take the time to actually see  how I’m doing. Can I get up by myself?  Do I still have my glasses?  Do I need first aid? Before I shoo others away, I’d better make sure that I don’t need some help. If I do, concerned onlookers can be a Godsend.

Slowly I’m learning to take a minute after a trip-and-fall incident to assess things before my ego kicks in and I refuse help. Doing so has made life much easier. I should not be surprised.


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