January 21, 2014

Our Program on Wheels is Changing Lives – You Can Help!

Home may be where the heart is, but when you have a developmental disability your house can feel like four walls isolating you from the world. Four walls that remind you of your disability. Four walls that keep you trapped from growing.

But at UCP, four wheels give people with disabilities the gift of freedom. UCP’s transportation system is a program on wheels – full of opportunities.

11345511925_e2d06d6e33Every weekday, our buses pick up adults with developmental disabilities and bring them to our day programs where they experience independence, community outings, learning and growth.

Those buses you see driving around town? They’re busy changing people’s lives as they drive past you. The fact is: The bus ride itself is one of our participants’ favorite parts of the day. They experience the whole world in that short trip to their program. They fasten their seatbelts. They open their window. And they watch the world fly past.

They also know they are deeply cared for by our drivers. These are the first people they see in the morning and the last people they see at night.

“There’s a lot of energy on our buses,” Sean, a driver, said. “They grow here. And we set the tone for their whole day.”

On our buses, people who often feel invisible are seen. Our drivers know that each person is a unique individual with her own likes, fears, joys and pain. Our drivers know their favorite music, the slightest changes in facial expressions, how to lift someone’s spirits.

“We all get so attached to each other,” Leticia, another driver, said. “They’re so special and important to me.”

But while we enjoy our weekends and holidays, the people we drive are back in those four walls right now – dreaming about freedom pulling up to the curb again.

Right now, someone is waiting on the curb.

You can be the fuel that keeps this program on wheels out on the road. You can be the reason people with developmental disabilities feel connected and valuable.

Will you sign up to give every month to UCP?


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