December 29, 2014

Up and Around Again

I woke up feeling great on Monday, the last day of June. I had slept especially well, and the congestion that had troubled me on Sunday was gone! I headed for the shower anticipating a productive week.

While shaving, I noticed a pain in my right hip. I quickly dismissed it, thinking, ‘I probably slept wrong. Once I get going, it will clear up.’ But it didn’t clear up. By noon I could not sit comfortably at my desk no matter how I twisted or turned. I decided to try to get some relief at home, but I could barely make it to my car. After I reached the recliner in my living room, I could bear no weight on my right leg. For at least two weeks I lived in my La-Z-Boy recliner. 

July was a month of pain pills and physical therapy for a pinched nerve in my back. I owe a huge debt of thanks to my fiancée – now wife – and my daughter who did so much for me during that time. 

Small increases in what I could do without pain became monumental events. I found myself filled with gratitude as I gradually regained movement and could slowly begin again to complete personal care tasks which I had always taken for granted. 

As I write this, I’m celebrating the absence of pinched nerve pain. I work with a personal trainer twice a week, and my strength is almost back to what it was before. I move about more slowly now, partly because I want to enjoy mobility for the wonderful gift that it is. 

~ Alan Flynn


Guest blogger Alan Flynn of Sacramento has cerebral palsy and grew up in a small farming community in the Midwest, the middle child in a family of five boys. He has two adult daughters and a new grandson. Through his writing, he hopes to challenge himself and others to reach new goals in every aspect of our lives and gain self-understanding and enthusiasm for the opportunities waiting for us. 


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