Another Adventure

April 27, 2016

I began my working life more than 40 years ago with a fresh diploma and a tankful of energy and enthusiasm. When I glimpsed the end of my working life from that vantage point, it was nothing more than a vague concept — a smudge on the distant horizon. There was no time to think about retirement when decades of exciting work were calling my name. Read more


Mid-Life Student

April 20, 2016

During the 20 enjoyable years of my first career as an elementary school teacher and principal, an early dream began to speak more and more persistently. At age 48 I found myself enrolling in college again, this time to become a pastor. Just as full of enthusiasm as thirty years before (possibly with a little less energy), I had  a new vision.
Read more



April 13, 2016

Seeing “Cerebral Palsy” on my college admission forms, the registrar was hesitant. In those days before the Americans with Disabilities Act, this college official wondered if I would be able to manage the requirements of a professional program. Could I handle the physical demands of off-campus fieldwork and student teaching? Would it be a cruel disservice to admit me to college only to have me fail because of physical limitations? Read more


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