Next Stop: Independence! Meet Destinations Mobility

July 17, 2013

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At UCP, we know how important independence is for people with disabilities, so we were excited to talk to Richard Rosebush about his work with accessible vehicles!

Richard remembers when accessible vehicle options were nonexistent. There was one model: a full-size Ford van with a wheelchair ramp in back. And it was expensive.

Today, the manager of Paratransit’s Destinations Mobility in Sacramento is proud that this nonprofit offers a wide range of high-quality vehicles and conversion options at a much more affordable price than for-profit competitors.

Paratransit’s mission is to provide transportation services to people with disabilities, seniors, mobility challenged individuals, families, caregivers and veterans through its buses, shuttles and more. So it was a natural transition when the organization began offering individual transportation options through accessible vehicles.

People can rent accessible vans for just $500 per week – traditionally $125 per day. They can also purchase vehicles for as low as $7,000, far lower than competitor prices that often charge the same amount just for the conversion.

“Here, people have their pick of trucks and minivans with wheelchair access on the side or back,” Richard said. “We’ve got new and used vehicles, and we always stock at least 30 vehicles so people have a wide range of choices.”

One of Destinations Mobility’s unique features is that they list real prices on the vehicles so no one has to deal with haggling. The price listed is the lowest price they can offer. They also offer help accessing Regional Centers and local lending institutions.

“Our customers love having their independence back,” Richard said. “They often say it feels like getting their driver’s license for the first time. “

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17 Kids with Autism Have Dream Week at UCP Summer Camp!

July 11, 2013

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Thank you to everyone who helped us send 17 kids with autism to summer camp in June!

Campers enjoyed swimming, arts and crafts, kayaking, archery, volleyball, scooter hockey, fishing, soccer, dancing, movie night, campfire time and a talent show – all while building their self-esteem and social skills.

Our Autism Center for Excellence assistant director Daniel Eisentrager put it best: “This gives kiddos an opportunity to go camping with A.C.E. friends and staff who they’ve grown a relationship with during the school year. It’s a time for them to let loose and enjoy camping life in a safe and fun environment.”

Daniel said toward the end of the week, one of the children said he was missing his mom and dad, but quickly followed that up with, “This is the best camp ever and I wish we could stay here forever!”

We can send up to 18 kids to camp next year, and we hope our 2014 camp will be maxed out. But we can only do that with the community’s help. This opportunity is funded 100% through the community, so we rely on you to ensure these kids have this amazing opportunity next summer. Stay tuned for ways you can help!



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