Day Program Manager


Job Title:             Day Program Manager

Reports to:           Chief Operating Officer

 Client Related Duties: 

  • “Provide program(s) and services that improve the independence, productivity, and quality of life of people with developmental disabilities and their families”
  • Develop and implement non-aversive behavioral management plans to meet the needs of the client
  • Oversee daily data sheets prepared by direct support staff
  • Attend all necessary & pertinent meetings (to include: ISP, Program Managers, et al as required)
  • Make initial assessment of each new participant and maintain record of progress and/or regression
  • Write, revise or update Individual Services Plans (ISP) for each student/participant
  • Provide follow through on clients I.S.P. (implement, monitor, document, and evaluate)
  • Maintain communication with all individuals and agencies relevant to client performance
  • Communicate with care providers and case managers
  • Monitor and dispense medication as well as keep records in accordance with program policies
  • Inform parents/care givers when consumers medication is getting low
  • Make any changes to medication sheets
  • Make medication labels
  • Adhere to the Rights of Persons with Developmental Disabilities, maintain client confidentiality, follow required procedures with respect to special incidents or suspected abuse
  • Make Sure all licensing documents are current
  • Submit completed Special Incident Report (SIR) as needed to all pertinent individuals and agencies (including care providers, Alta, Ombudsman)
  • Interview and select consumers for available openings
  • Gather emergency information for students (annually)
  • Advise client of UCP’s Internal Grievance Procedure (annually)
  • Model proper hands on work with clients
  • Prepare daily lesson plans for client growth and interest
  • Maintain current “C” driver’s license

 Staff Related Duties: 

  • Interview/Hire Staff
  • Provide daily supervision and training of staff
  • Ensure staff boards are complete with daily, weekly and monthly assigned tasks
  • Ensure staff completes incident, seizure and behavior tracking reports on an “as needed” basis
  • Track absences and tardy employees
  • Coordinate morning staff meeting
  • Prepare staff schedule for the day
  • Establish CBI outings for the day-get clientsout in a timely manner
  • Monitor staff daily and evaluate annually
  • Coordinate in-service training for staff
  • Assure that DSPsmaintain a professional demeanor with the public while in the community and with all outside agencies
  • Maintain Code of Safe Practices
  • Train staff weekly on “Code of Safe Practices”
  • Insure time sheets are correctly filled out (with accompanying Request for Leave form, if relevant) and submit to UCP Associate Director
  • Schedule physicals and fingerprints
  • Track who needs CPR/First Aid/Pro-Act
  • Conduct safety meetings for staff
  • Insure that staff are properly trained to operate personal and/or agency-owned vehicle in a safe manner and in accordance with California State law

 Facility Related Duties: 

  • Secure building upon leaving; notify security company of any changes or false alarms
  • Keep program facility clean and organized
  • Answer Phones
  • Purchase classroom supplies
  • Set up classroom materials
  • Make calls for repairs to building, etc


  • Read and respond to all forms of communication (ie: voicemails, emails, etc)
  • Document late buses
  • Update primary groups
  • Document petty cash receipts
  • Monitor expenses for the program
  • CBI Receipts (Bi-Monthly turned in to Executive Assistant)
  • Perform regular fire drills as per title 22 regulations
  • Document results of fire drills and make corrections when needed
  • Update CBI Sheet
  • Update Attendance Sheet (Made for new month and turned in Executive Assistant)
  • Staff Outing Sheet
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